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Is Your Partner Playing Dirty Cheating Games With You? How to Bust a Cheater Without Them Knowing

So you have a partner who seems to lie all the time and can never just own up to anything they do? You have a lover who seems to be cheating on you and it hurts you that he/she is not loyal. You want the god given right to truth that you have, but you only need the proof. What you need now is to know how you can beat a cheater at their own games.walking dead no man’s land cheat Here is how you can catch a cheater without them even knowing…

Cheaters play games!
Rule number one of catching a cheater is to never let them know you are onto them. Master this and you will be able to see everything that is going on behind your back without them even knowing.

Know The Games-
Rule Two- The games are as follows:

Blame game- they will make you feel guilty for everything. They will say “don’t you trust me” “how could you say that?” “don’t you know I love you” etc… to make you feel like your distrust is really the problem rather than what he/she is doing. You will then feel so bad that you will lay off his/her case virtually making cheating a breeze for them afterward.

The argument game- They will argue with you so much on the smallest of things either to get out of the house and cheat again… or so that you forget the actual subject. Arguments will become so much that you will feel like you were just hit by some tsunami.

You Will Play the games now!
Rule three- You will now watch all the games that a cheater plays, and you will not allow one second to go by that you are not winning at the game. You will no longer allow a cheater’s objective to be fulfilled anymore. Once you do this, he/she will crack and won’t be able to hide anything anymore because the games are the only thing that hides what he/she is really doing.